Viaggio in Croazia
Viaggio in Croazia
Viaggio in Croazia
Viaggio in Croazia
Consegna di aiuti alimentari e giocattoli style=width:120px July 2006

Foodstuff and toys aid delivery

Croatia travel

We did it !!

Finally we managed to realize this trip we longed for so much and for so long prepared.

We are very pleased to show the pictures taken during the expedition that allowed us to hand over to the Rijeka Orphanage more than 500 kilos of foodstuff, sanitary and health products. All the goods have been collected, shipped and handed over personally at the orphanage.


It has been an intense experience, from all points of view and for sure the emotions we took back with us are far more than the goods we left there.

Stay with us and keep updated on our next trip and activities.


To every single person who helped giving something to those children.

To Rosanna for bringing us into contact with the orphanage

To Katherine for dealing with the Croatian institutions.

A special thanking to the Imola Diocesan Caritas for believing in this project and for giving all our support not knowing.

Thanks to you all!!


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Foodstuff and toys aid delivery

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Foodstuff and toys aid delivery

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